Monthly Archives: May 2013

Swap Meet June 1st

It’s time to clean out your closets and de-clutter your workbench! Come to our swap meet June 1st starting at 10am. Get here early to get the best deals. The only rules are nothing illegal & no cash can trade hands. If you don’t have a trade but want to buy something please come to the counter for Game Vault bucks. At the end of your trades come to the front and trade in your GV bucks for store credit.

Swap Meets are a great way to get a start with a new army. Save the date: Saturday, June 1st.

Want to discuss what you’re bringing or what you want to find? Please visit our forums.

Teen Magic Tournament

Under 18 and want to play Magic with your peers? Now is your chance! Join us for our first Under 18 Sealed Magic Tournament. Adults are welcome to volunteer to help the next generation of players.

Cost: $25
Format: Sealed – 2 x Return to Ravnica, 2 x Gatecrash, 2 x Dragon’s Maze
– or –
1 PreRelease Pack (1 Guildpack from Return to Ravnica + 1 Guildpack from Gatecrash + 4 Dragon’s Maze boosters)
We’ll vote on this as a group.
Prizes: 1 pack per match win, extra packs for 1st and 2nd place depending on turnout

This tournament is for players 18 and under only. If your birthday is on or after May 7th, 1995 you can play (May 7th because it’s the birthday of cool people). We will have adult volunteers available to teach newer players and help out at the tournament if necessary.

Tell your friends – we can try to make this a regular tournament.