Monthly Archives: October 2013

DC Grand Prix Trial This Saturday!

Join us for a Grand Prix Trial this Saturday at noon.
Cost: $10
Format: Legacy
1st Place: 2 round bye to DC Grand Prix (Nov 15-17) + 40% of entry fees in store credit
2nd Place: 30% of entry fees in store credit
3rd Place: 20% of entry fees in store credit

Theros for FNM’s Draft! 10/11

We saved a case of Theros for tonight’s draft. Join us at 7pm!!!

No Theros! 10/04 FNM

Sadly we’ve been unable to get any more Theros boosters since the release. Our vendors have no idea when it’ll get back in stock. If you come to FNM tonight you have the choice of a $15 draft with normal prize support of packs other than Theros (not the consignment packs). You could also do a sealed event using the pre-release packs at $25. Prize support will depend on the number of participants. Sorry for the inconvenience.

50 Point Steamroller

Saturday, October 5th: Sign up at 11:30, dice roll at noon
50pt Standard Steamroller with Deathclocks, no painting restrictions
This will be an IFL Tournament with Steve Pokallus running it
Cost: $10
Details and questions here.