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Sunday 5pm Dragons of Tarkir PreRelease is cancelled

We had 115 players in our Saturday tournaments!!! With only 45 more packs for both of Sunday’s events I believe we have to call the second tournament. We will not have a 5pm Sunday tournament. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Warhammer 40k 2000pt Tournament

When: Sat, March 14, 11:00am – 5:30pm (dice roll at 11, registration begins at 10)

Cost: $10

1st- 50% of Tournament Entry Fees
2nd- 30% of Tournament Entry Fees
3rd- 20% of Tournament Entry Fees
Last Place: New Dice Cube!

Everything is in play! Forge World, Formations, anything that’s legal at 2000 points (Yes, you may use Unbound Armies). Forge World models do require Official Rules, (Trial Rules do not qualify as Official).

There will be no painting requirements for this tournament.

You will need to have a copy of your army list prepared in advance along with printed copies of any special rules regarding your army in case any questions arise.

To sign-up or ask any questions, click here:

Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release

When: Sat, March 21, 12pm – 7pm and 5pm – 10pm; Sun, March 22, 12pm – 7 pm and 5 – 10pm

Cost: $25

We have space for 66 very comfortable players. Sign up ahead to guarantee your spot. You must be in line to pay for the tournament by 11:45am (for the noon events) or 4:45 pm (for the evening events) to keep your pre-registered spot.

Our prizes will be our usual for Sealed Events (based on a 40 player minimum):
1st Place: 1 Box of Dragons of Tarkir
2nd Place: 1/2 Box (18 packs) of Dragons of Tarkir
3rd Place: 10 Packs of Dragons of Tarkir
All other players will get one booster pack per match win from sets other than Dragons of Tarkir. Draws and byes (except the first one) are not awarded packs.
(Prizes are subject to availability. If Dragons of Tarkir isn’t available, prizes will be awarded from in-stock Magic boosters. There can be no rain checks.)
To sign up for Saturday at noon:
To sign up for Saturday at 5pm:
To sign up for Sunday at noon:
To sign up for Sunday at 5pm:

Thursday, March 5th – Open Early, Closing at 3pm

We are open now (9:45am) until it starts to look dangerous outside. Come meet your gaming needs before you’re snowed in for the next week/day/whatever. I will close with very little notice today, probably not long after noon. Call ahead if you’re trying to get here after that.

Update: We will close at 3pm today. Please be safe everyone.