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Open Late For Historicon

It may be coincidence that we are open late Thursday, 07/16 for the Magic Origins release and Friday 07/17 as part of a new summer schedule but it benefits the Historicon participants! When Historicon closes we will be open with bright, twinkly eyes…or something. We’ll be open with space to play, cold drinks in the fridge to keep you caffeinated, and stuff to buy if you’re so inclined. Join us. Please get directions off our link here.

Origins Pre-Release

When: Sat, July 11, 12pm – 7pm; Sat, July 11, 5pm – 12am; Sun, July 12, 12pm – 7pm

Cost: $25

We have space for 66 very comfortable players. Sign up ahead to guarantee your spot. You must be in line to pay for the tournament by 11:45am to keep your pre-registered spot.

Our prizes will be our usual for Sealed Events (based on a 40 player minimum):
1st Place: 1 Box of Origins
2nd Place: 1/2 Box (18 packs) of Origins
3rd Place: 10 Packs of Origins
All other players will get one booster pack per match win from sets other than Origins and Modern Masters. Draws and byes (except the first one of the tournament) are not awarded packs.
(Prizes are subject to availability. If Origins isn’t available, prizes will be awarded from in-stock Magic boosters other than Modern Masters. There can be no rain checks.)

Saturday at Noon, sign up here
Saturday at 5pm, sign up here
Sunday at Noon, sign up here