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Exigence Book Release Event

When: Sat, October 25, 12pm – 6pm
Join us this Saturday to celebrate the release of Exigence, the newest book for Hordes. This will be a 50 point event and the rules for this type of event can be found here:
Exigence book release event rules
It is recommended that you read through them carefully. The entry fee will be $5, and the prize support will be the Exigence coin kit.

Flames of War Clearance

We are dropping Flames of War and replacing it with Bolt Action from Warlord Games. This means we need to clear out our old Flames of War inventory, so until all of that inventory is gone: Flames of War will be 20% off (25% off if you are already receiving a customer appreciation discount of 5% or more).

Warhammer 40K Tournament

When: Sat, October 4, 10:30am – 6:00pm
Description: Warhammer 40K Tournament
Format: 1850pts

All missions will be maelstrom of war
1st Round: Contact Lost
2nd Round: The Spoils of War
3rd Round: Deadlock
All the special rules and victory conditions are described in the missions

Standard force organization chart
No lords of war
No allies
No formations
Only one detachment

Forge world is allowed
All models must be painted and based
There will be a sportsmanship score

Cost: $10.00
1st Place: 50% of all entry fees in store credit
2nd Place: 30% of all entry fees in store credit
3rd Place: 20% of all entry fees in store credit
Last place: dice
Best painted: a can of primer

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

When: Saturday, September 27, 11am – 6pm
Format: 2,000 pts.
Game 1: Battle Line
Game 2: Blood and Glory
Game 3: Meeting Engagement
We will be using all the special rules and victory conditions outlined in each scenario. Mysterious terrain will be used.
Cost: $10.00
1st Place: 50% of all entry fees in store credit
2nd Place: 30% of all entry fees in store credit
3rd Place: 20% of all entry fees in store credit
Last place: dice
There are no painting requirements.

BattleFoam Order

We will be placing an order for BattleFoam by the end of the month. If you would like to order BattleFoam, now is the time (or you can wait 6 months for the next order).

BattleFoam’s website is here so you can see what you want

35 Pt Warmachine Blood, Sweat & Tiers

Pointsize: 35
Signup at 10-dice roll at 11
Time: Death Clock
Cost: $10

Rules : Blood, Sweat and Tiers is a format that requires every list that can be played(up to 2 lists) to be a tier list, reaching at least level 1 tier. This is more of a fun and relaxed format for people to play those lists that they have always wanted to but was never sure if they will be competitive or not.

We can support a max of 32 people at the GameVault so please let usknow if you are going to come so that we can start signing people up.

You can ask questions, sign up, and learn more here

35 Point Warmachine Slow Grow Tournament

Date: Saturday, February 15th
Sign ups start at 11am, Dice Roll at 11:30am

Fully Painted and Based
Scenarios TBA at the tournament, Death Clocks at 45 minutes, 1 List

$10 Entry Fee
Prize Support:
1st Place: 40% of all entry fees in store credit
2nd Place: 30% of all entry fees in store credit
3rd Place: 20% of all entry fees in store credit
Best Painted: 10% of all entry fees in store credit

You can sign up and ask questions here:

Warmachine 50Pt Steamroller

Milton Weatherhead will run this next tournament. Normal SR2013 rules, two lists with character restrictions and all that. We will be using Death Clock for all games, so try and get some practice games in this upcoming week if your not used to it.

Signup will start at 11, and our start time will be at noon. Im planning on actually starting it on time, so make sure your ready to go by our start time.

Entry fee is $10, all of which will go towards prize support.

Warmachine/Hordes Slow-Grow/Painted League

We’re doing it for 40K, so you guys can’t be left out. Start a new faction – We want armies that are all assembled, pretty, and painted. If you paint it all up by the schedule below you’ll get a Battlefoam bag at cost.

  • Sign up with your chosen faction by October 15th.
  • Before the end of October buy 15 points worth of figures for your new faction.
  • Paint & base the entire 15 points by the end of November.
  • Buy & paint 10 points worth of models by January 1st.
  • Buy & paint 10 points worth of models by February 1st.
  • Buy & paint a final 15 points worth of models by March 1st.
  • Show us your painted & assembled army by each deadline and order your Battlefoam bag with or without foam at our cost.
  • We’ll have tournaments each month based on the amount of painted models to that point (15 points in December, 25 points in January, etc)
  • We’ll have a 50 point Steamroller in March to celebrate all the newly painted armies with trophies for best painted single model and best painted army.
  • As an added benefit: Play 5 League games with your painted models in a month and earn 25% off your next month’s Slow Grow purchase. (You must register your Slow Grow games at the counter.)

Convergence Release Event

Start date and time: Saturday, 09/28/13 at 11:30am

25 Points
Rules can be found here

Cost: $10

Prize Support:
Convergence Release Medals (no player will win two medals):
Iron Prodigy goes to Convergence player with the most Cipher points.
Forge Master goes to the player with the most Cipher points.
Architect goes to the finest paitned army as determined by their peers.

(based on a minimum of 10 players)
1st Place: $30 store credit
2nd Place: $15 store credit
3rd Place: $10 store credit

Sign up and post questions in our forums.