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Changing Hours

We will open at 12:30pm Wednesdays and Fridays for the time being. I’ll let you know if that changes again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Open Monday Night!!!

Wonder of wonders – it’s plowed!!! Come in. We’re open until 9pm. We’ll be open again at 11am Tuesday.

Monday, January 25th – closed until I change this/the snow melts.

As of now we’re still closed. Our lovely property management company has plowed a single dangerous lane down the center of the parking lot and not plowed a single space. I’m trying to dig our our parking spaces now but we can’t open if it’s not safe to drive in. I’ll update when I have more information. We’re closed until further notice/the snow melts.

Opening status on Sunday, January 24th

UPDATE: We are closed Sunday. I’ll let you know if our property management company unsucks itself by tomorrow.

We’re still digging ourselves out of our driveway to go check on the parking lot at the store. I’m 90% sure it’s not plowed yet. Blackwood Real Estate, our property managers, suck. I’ll update you as soon as I know when/if we open. If we do open, we will close no later than 6pm to let our employees home before the roads get even more dangerous.

Holiday Hours

We will be open from 12-5 on Thursday, December 24th for those who need to get their last minute shopping finished. We will be closed Friday, December 25th for the Christmas holiday, so there will be no Friday Night Magic. FNM will resume Friday, January 1st, 2016. We return to our regular hours on Saturday, December 26th, with the addition of the New Year’s Eve Lock-In (see the post below). Have a safe and happy holiday!

Black Friday and Then Some

As usual our black Friday sale will extend longer than just one crazy rushed day. 20% off everything in the store except drinks, snacks, tournament fees & consignment items until close of business December 6th. Board games will be an extra 5% off. Yes, the discount applies to Magic singles. Booster boxes of Magic will still be 30% off ($105.76 including tax). Happy holidays everyone.

Enter 2006! We’ve Joined Twitter!!

Re-joined really. I decided to dust off my account and see if I can use it for good. Follow us at GameVaultVA for tournament updates, new releases, & announcements.

Open Late For Historicon

It may be coincidence that we are open late Thursday, 07/16 for the Magic Origins release and Friday 07/17 as part of a new summer schedule but it benefits the Historicon participants! When Historicon closes we will be open with bright, twinkly eyes…or something. We’ll be open with space to play, cold drinks in the fridge to keep you caffeinated, and stuff to buy if you’re so inclined. Join us. Please get directions off our link here.

Closed Monday 6/8/15 til 5:30pm

We will be closed on Monday, June 8th until 5:30pm as we are transitioning to new business software which requires us to inventory the entire store (yeah, again!). We apologize for any inconvenience (hopefully we won’t have to do this again).

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Edit: We will be closed on both Tuesday 6/9 and Wednesday 6/10 until 5:30pm as the update is not going as smoothly as hoped.

Edit again: We will also be closed Thursday 6/11 until 5:30pm. Anything left un-inventoried will be burned in the parking lot promptly at 5:30…or something like that. It WILL be done by then.

Sunday 5pm Dragons of Tarkir PreRelease is cancelled

We had 115 players in our Saturday tournaments!!! With only 45 more packs for both of Sunday’s events I believe we have to call the second tournament. We will not have a 5pm Sunday tournament. Sorry for the inconvenience.