Dungeon’s & Dragons Collector’s Series

Drow War Party

This is a new limited run miniature line produced by GaleForce 9. Only a select number of stores in the US will receive the Collector’s Series and ours is one of them. These are unpainted resin cast miniatures. I imagine they are competing with GW’s FineCast line but we won’t know for certain until the first wave comes in.

Because the production line is limited we’ll need to know how many to order – we’re only going to get one shot at ordering – so please make sure you put in a preorder with Chris or Zach.

Release Schedule

January 2013


Illithid Raiding Party71002 Illithid Raiding party – $50.00

The Ultimate megalomaniacs, mind flayers use their ability to enslave minds to play puppeteer to countless thralls while they feast on the brains of less useful creatures.  Their goal is nothing short of world domination.





Purple Worm71007 Purple Worm –


Massive burrowing creatures, purple worms are feared for their ability to swallow enemies whole.  They are capable of burrowing through solid rock and leave huge tunnels in their wake.





February 2013


Eye Tyrant71006 Eye Tyrant – 


Creatures of abhorrent shape and alien mind, beholders seek dominance over all they survey.  The floating horrors enforce their will by firing rays of magic from their eye stalks.






Drow War Party71001 Drow War Party – 


Drow are consummate assassins and raiders.  Their attacks on surface settlements leave few alive.  Deep within the Underdark, drow cities boil over with manipulation and betrayal.  The drow would be a potentially overwhelming force to surface-dwellers if they could stop fighting each other long enough to unify.