Closing at 5:00 pm (2/16)

Due to the road conditions we will be closing at 6:00pm 5:00pm tonight (2/16). The Magic Standard event will not be held. Please stay home and stay safe. Please note this time has been revised. The roads are awful. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Snow Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 02/16 & 17

I make no promises about events tonight or when we will open tomorrow. We will play it by ear at the discretion of the employee working. I don’t recommend driving far in snow tonight for an event that may not happen. We’ll post here and on Facebook if we need to change our hours. Be safe everyone.

X-Wing Miniatures Tournament!

When: Sat, February 21, 12pm – 5pm

Cost: $10

1st- 50% of Tournament Entry Fees
2nd- 30% of Tournament Entry Fees
3rd- 20% of Tournament Entry Fees

We are trying to get the prize kit for this tournament, but as of right now, it has not shown up.

Please note, this is an Escalation style event and the rules for creating squadrons are different.
Click here for more information or to ask questions.
Rules are posted at this link. (This will be a “competitive” style tournament)

Fate Reforged Game Day

When: Sat, February 14, 12pm – 4pm

It’s time once again for a Magic Game Day!

This will be a FREE Standard tournament! Everyone will receive a promo for joining, Top 8 will receive another promo exclusive to them, and 1st Place will also receive a play mat!

We are also going to try and run several other events throughout the afternoon including Player’s Choice tournaments; meaning that we will run any format that people would like to play!

Warmachine/ Hordes 50pt Steamroller

When: Sat, January 31, 11am – 5pm

Cost: $10

1st- 50% of Tournament Entry Fees
2nd- 40% of Tournament Entry Fees
3rd- 30% of Tournament Entry Fees
Last Place: New Dice Cube!!

Rules will be Steamroller 2015, they are posted on Privateer Press’s website if you are unfamiliar with them.

Fate Reforged Midnight Release

Join us tonight at midnight (01/22) for a midnight release sealed event of Fate Reforged.

End to 3200 Count Box Deal

Announcing an end to the 3200 count box deal. You have until the end of February to fill your 3200 count box with cards from the back of the store. After that we’ll offer up the excess cards at $20 per box with random cards packed in – it could be 30 Vizzerdrix and 45 Plains, just random cards without us spending a lot of time looking through them. If you haven’t started a box you’re welcome to start one now, you just have until Feb 28th to finish filling it.

Warhammer 40k 2000 pt Tournament

When: Sat, January 24, 10:30am – 5:00pm

Cost: $10

1st- 50% of Tournament Entry Fees
2nd- 30% of Tournament Entry Fees
3rd- 20% of Tournament Entry Fees
Last Place: New Dice Cube!

Everything is in play (as long as it’s Battleforged)! Forge World, Formations, anything that’s legal at 2000 points.

There will be no painting requirements for this tournaments

Scenarios will be placed at the tables before each round

Click here to sign-up

Fate Reforged 5pm Sunday Tournament is Canceled!

Unfortunately we have run out of pre-release packs for Fate Reforged so we will be unable to run the 5pm Sealed Pre Release Event.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll see you all for the midnight release this Thursday night!

Announcing Win-A-Box Standard Events Wednesday evenings

Announcing Win-A-Box Standard tournaments on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. The entry fees will vary as long as we make $90. 8 players will be $11.25/player, 10 players will be $9/player, etc. 1st place gets a booster box from those in stock. There will be no other prize support.