Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release

When: Sat, March 21, 12pm – 7pm and 5pm – 10pm; Sun, March 22, 12pm – 7 pm and 5 – 10pm

Cost: $25

We have space for 66 very comfortable players. Sign up ahead to guarantee your spot. You must be in line to pay for the tournament by 11:45am (for the noon events) or 4:45 pm (for the evening events) to keep your pre-registered spot.

Our prizes will be our usual for Sealed Events (based on a 40 player minimum):
1st Place: 1 Box of Dragons of Tarkir
2nd Place: 1/2 Box (18 packs) of Dragons of Tarkir
3rd Place: 10 Packs of Dragons of Tarkir
All other players will get one booster pack per match win from sets other than Dragons of Tarkir. Draws and byes (except the first one) are not awarded packs.
(Prizes are subject to availability. If Dragons of Tarkir isn’t available, prizes will be awarded from in-stock Magic boosters. There can be no rain checks.)
To sign up for Saturday at noon:
To sign up for Saturday at 5pm:
To sign up for Sunday at noon:
To sign up for Sunday at 5pm:

Thursday, March 5th – Open Early, Closing at 3pm

We are open now (9:45am) until it starts to look dangerous outside. Come meet your gaming needs before you’re snowed in for the next week/day/whatever. I will close with very little notice today, probably not long after noon. Call ahead if you’re trying to get here after that.

Update: We will close at 3pm today. Please be safe everyone.

Thursday, February 26th

Yes we are open today – in fact I’m here now. Come on in for some gaming fun while your chicken office/school is closed. (Our parking lot is of course not plowed because Blackwood Real Estate stinks as a property management company.)

5th Edition D&D Introduction

When: Sat, February 28, 3:00pm – 6:30pm
Where: Game Vault LLC

We will be running a short one-shot adventure/ introduction to 5th Edition D&D for 4-6 players. Pre-generated characters and dice will be provided. Come in and get a chance to learn the new rules. No previous role-playing experience required.

Sign-up on our forums here:

Swap Meet!

When: Sat, February 28, 10:00am – 2:30pm

Swap Meet Time!

Bring your unwanted stuff & get new stuff/new to you stuff.

Rules: Nothing illegal, no firearms or weapons. In lieu of paying someone for their gear please come to the counter for store credit chits.

Closing Early Saturday, Feb 21

Due to adverse weather conditions we are closing today at 5pm. All events that have not started yet will be rescheduled. Sorry for the inconvenience but if you don’t skid off the road and get hurt you can complain to me the next time you see me. Stay safe people.

Limited Game Space Saturday, 02/21

The gaming side of the store will be packed Saturday 02/21 from 11-7pm with various pre-planned games (X-Wing, Bloodbowl, Warmachine, and Magic). We expect the large wargaming tables to be especially full. If you plan on coming for a pickup game please call ahead. Also, if the weather looks questionable call ahead or check our website. Any changes to our schedule will be posted as soon as we make a decision.

Open 12-5pm Tuesday, 02/17/15

We are open from 12-5pm today, Tuesday 02/17/15. Our parking lot is of course not plowed because Blackwood Real Estate (property “managers”) are too cheap to plow more than a single strip down the center of the parking lot. Driving in here is a risk. We’re closing before the roads freeze again tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please be safe out there.

Closing at 5:00 pm (2/16)

Due to the road conditions we will be closing at 6:00pm 5:00pm tonight (2/16). The Magic Standard event will not be held. Please stay home and stay safe. Please note this time has been revised. The roads are awful. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Snow Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 02/16 & 17

I make no promises about events tonight or when we will open tomorrow. We will play it by ear at the discretion of the employee working. I don’t recommend driving far in snow tonight for an event that may not happen. We’ll post here and on Facebook if we need to change our hours. Be safe everyone.