Open Late For Historicon

It may be coincidence that we are open late Thursday, 07/16 for the Magic Origins release and Friday 07/17 as part of a new summer schedule but it benefits the Historicon participants! When Historicon closes we will be open with bright, twinkly eyes…or something. We’ll be open with space to play, cold drinks in the fridge to keep you caffeinated, and stuff to buy if you’re so inclined. Join us. Please get directions off our link here.

Origins Pre-Release

When: Sat, July 11, 12pm – 7pm; Sat, July 11, 5pm – 12am; Sun, July 12, 12pm – 7pm

Cost: $25

We have space for 66 very comfortable players. Sign up ahead to guarantee your spot. You must be in line to pay for the tournament by 11:45am to keep your pre-registered spot.

Our prizes will be our usual for Sealed Events (based on a 40 player minimum):
1st Place: 1 Box of Origins
2nd Place: 1/2 Box (18 packs) of Origins
3rd Place: 10 Packs of Origins
All other players will get one booster pack per match win from sets other than Origins and Modern Masters. Draws and byes (except the first one of the tournament) are not awarded packs.
(Prizes are subject to availability. If Origins isn’t available, prizes will be awarded from in-stock Magic boosters other than Modern Masters. There can be no rain checks.)

Saturday at Noon, sign up here
Saturday at 5pm, sign up here
Sunday at Noon, sign up here

Closed Monday 6/8/15 til 5:30pm

We will be closed on Monday, June 8th until 5:30pm as we are transitioning to new business software which requires us to inventory the entire store (yeah, again!). We apologize for any inconvenience (hopefully we won’t have to do this again).

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Edit: We will be closed on both Tuesday 6/9 and Wednesday 6/10 until 5:30pm as the update is not going as smoothly as hoped.

Edit again: We will also be closed Thursday 6/11 until 5:30pm. Anything left un-inventoried will be burned in the parking lot promptly at 5:30…or something like that. It WILL be done by then.

Swap Meet!

When: Sat, May 30, 10:00am – 2:30pm

Swap Meet Time!

Bring your unwanted stuff & get new stuff/new to you stuff.

Rules: nothing illegal, no firearms or weapons, in lieu of paying someone for their gear please come to the counter for store credit chits.

Warhammer 40K Beginner’s Tourney/ Kill Teams

When: Sat, May 16, 11am – 5pm

If you identify yourself as a beginner 40K player either new to 7th Edition or new to the game altogether? Join us for a beginner tournament.

Format: 1500pt Single Source Army Composition (1 codex), no painting requirements, no proxies, Eternal War Missions/Scenarios to be determined at the tournament. Players will be paired by age and experience wherever possible. Whether you’re 10 or 40, you should feel welcome to play. If you need help during the game our tournament organizer and other veteran players will be on hand to help out. Rounds will be 2 hours long with a break for lunch after round 1. (Pizza will be delivered to the store.)

Cost: $5 pizza included. Prizes will be awarded somewhat randomly throughout the tournament

Veteran players, we will have a 300pt Kill Team tournament at the same time. Bring your newb friend/younger sibling/inexperienced father to play in the novice tournament while you get your own 40K fix.

For more information and to sign-up:

Grand Prix Trial for Grand Prix Charlotte

Date: Saturday, May 2nd
Time: Noon

Format: Standard
Cost: $10

1st Place: Two Round bye to Grand Prix Charlotte (June 13-14) + 40% of all entry fees in store credit
2nd Place: 30% of all entry fees in store credit
3rd Place: 20% of all entry fees in store credit

All Magic singles will be 10% off all day Saturday.

TableTop Weekend Schedule (finally!)

Join your fellow board games for leisurely games, a few tournaments and free loot. Donations are accepted. (I’ve put more than $300 into this.) Open gaming will go on all weekend. We have a lot of filler games to keep you going while waiting for a spot to open with games/gamers you want to play. The promo cards and items will be awarded mostly randomly to players who have played their associated games by a designated time each day. If you’re not here when we give away the promos they will be held for you. Please be sure to log games you’ve played and leave your name and number at the counter.

10am-noon: Family board games & lighter fare

10am: Fluxx – I will give away 7 of the Wil Wheaton/Felicia Day TableTop Promo packs (add-ons for Original Fluxx) to Fluxx participants who have gotten a game in by 5pm Saturday

11am: Dixit- We have two promos to give away for this game. They will be given randomly to Dixit players who have logged games by midnight Saturday.

noon: Krosmaster Junior (a simplified version of the game for little gamers) One lucky 16 and under participant will be given a Dofus character for the game.

noon: X-Wing Trench Run
I have 7 Han Solo promo cards to give away to played. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will get one, the others will be awarded randomly to other participants. (CJ is running the event so he gets the 8th.)

1pm: Munchkin craziness – bring your Munchkin games and go crazy. I will give away an XXL sweatshirt to one lucky player at random at 4pm. You must play at least one game of Munchkin (or have started one) prior to 4pm. While supplies last all Munchkin players will receive some Munchkin loot (I have Halloween and TableTop specific cards to give away.)

2pm: SmallWorld Tournament – 7 turn markers for participants + a gold turn marker and t-shirt for 1st place

5pm: BioShcok Infinite – take the new store copy out for a spin.

7pm-midnight: Let’s try for some longer games like Twilight Struggle & Battlestar Galactica

noon-2pm: Family board games & lighter fare

noon: 7 Wonders – we have 3 Will Wheaton cards to give to participants who have logged a game by 9pm Sunday.

noon: Geek out – We have two TableTop promo card sets to give away. One will be given to the winner of the first game played today. The other will be awarded randomly to participants who have logged a game by 9pm Sunday.

1pm: Cash ‘N Guns – we have two blackmailer promo cards to give away to hoodlums who play this before 9pm Sunday.

2pm: Fluxx – I will give away 7 of the TableTop Promo packs (add-ons for Original Fluxx) to Fluxx participants who have gotten a game in by 5pm Sunday

3pm: Dead of Winter – play or start a game of this by 7pm and you’ll get a shot at winning one of the two exclusive Felcia Day characters from the TableTop promotion

5pm: Dead Seas – take the new store copy out for a spin

5pm-9pm: Risk/Axis & Allies type gaming

Terrain and Painting Workshops

What are you doing for Spring Break?

Terrain Building Workshop Thursday at Noon: Do you want to learn how to build terrain similar to the amazing stuff that’s found it’s way to our gaming tables? Two local experienced terrain builders, Anthony Brors and Brendan Roy, will teach you how to use special tools and household items to make fantastic pieces from a variety of material. There is no cost, no age restrictions, and you need to bring nothing but yourself.

Painting Workshop Saturday from 1-2pm: Ron Saikowski, painter extraordinaire, will provide expert tips and trips for up to 10 participants. Please bring your own brushes. Ron used to run, From the Warp, a blog with a huge following that provided detailed advice to both novice and experienced painters.

Sunday 5pm Dragons of Tarkir PreRelease is cancelled

We had 115 players in our Saturday tournaments!!! With only 45 more packs for both of Sunday’s events I believe we have to call the second tournament. We will not have a 5pm Sunday tournament. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Warhammer 40k 2000pt Tournament

When: Sat, March 14, 11:00am – 5:30pm (dice roll at 11, registration begins at 10)

Cost: $10

1st- 50% of Tournament Entry Fees
2nd- 30% of Tournament Entry Fees
3rd- 20% of Tournament Entry Fees
Last Place: New Dice Cube!

Everything is in play! Forge World, Formations, anything that’s legal at 2000 points (Yes, you may use Unbound Armies). Forge World models do require Official Rules, (Trial Rules do not qualify as Official).

There will be no painting requirements for this tournament.

You will need to have a copy of your army list prepared in advance along with printed copies of any special rules regarding your army in case any questions arise.

To sign-up or ask any questions, click here: