Star Wars X-Wing Kessel Run Preview

Great news! We are hosting this exclusive event on December 15th at 7pm. We will provide players their first opportunity to see some of their favorite new starships in action!

Fans are already buzzing in anticipation of the second wave of expansions for X-Wing, which include the legendary Millennium Falcon™ and Slave I™. Wave 2 has been delayed until February. Our Kessel Run preview event lets you compete for the right to be among the first in the world to field these iconic starships, as well as the A-wing™ and TIE interceptor™.

We will receive:
One Millennium Falcon™ Expansion Pack
One Slave I™ Expansion Pack
Two A-Wing™ Expansion Packs
Two TIE Interceptor™ Expansion Packs

If you’re interested in playing please reply in this post or call the store to get signed up.