Store Closing

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Game Vault as you know it will close for the last time at 10pm on Sunday, May 21st. As most of you already know, my lease was up and I am going home to spend time with my family and home school my children. I have enjoyed nearly 11 years growing the gaming hobby in Fredericksburg with my wonderful customers who’ve been the only thing that kept the doors open. You guys took me from zero experience in both retail and gaming to remaining open through the recession. It has been my absolute pleasure to be here. I’m still in talks with someone to open a comparable game store locally but there are many variables he has to take under consideration before making a commitment. If he decides to open I will let you know where and when and give him my full endorsement.

Those of you with store credit are asked to use it by the 21st or lose it. Those with more than $25 will be contacted directly if your contact information is still accurate. (That’s less than 20 people.) As of now all items in the store are 20% off with the exception of tournament fees, drinks, snacks, and items already marked even lower (booster boxes, bricks of Heroclix, etc.) Items with an “E” on their price tags have already been marked down to eBay prices. You will receive only your usual 5-10% discount on those low prices. I will stop taking special orders on May 7th.

Thank you for a wonderful decade! Happy gaming everyone!!!