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Pathfinder Battles Heroes & Monsters

Roleplaying Minis are back!!! WizKids and Paizo teamed up to bring blind booster roleplaying minis back. I’ve opened a couple bricks already for individual sale. Other than the one with the tiny mutant head, they’re absolutely gorgeous. Even Tiny Mutant-Head Mini is expertly painted. Come check these out – I’ve opened some for individual sale but I have many, many more to sell.

The Black Dragons are extremely limited. I only received 4 so these are at a premium price matching internet sales.

Brick (16 small packs + 3 large packs) $74.99
Large booster $5.99
Small booster $3.99
Black dragon $33.00

D&D 5.0???

It sounds like Wizards has been listening to all the complaints about 4.0. They’re asking for input on a new version. Forget the nay-sayers who insist they don’t listen. Just like I don’t think you have a right to complain about politics if you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain about the path of their next edition if you don’t speak up. They’re clearly making an effort…(or the pessimist in me says maybe they’re just saying they’re making an effort.)

New York Time article about the change

Have your say here:
Wizards Community Page specifically for discussing changes