Website hasn’t been updated in awhile

You may be wondering why our website hasn’t been updated in awhile…in a long, long while. Return on effort – I get about 2% of interest from the website followed by an even split between Facebook and word of mouth. I’m choosing to use my time where it makes the most difference. I keep the calendar updated here and the directions page is essential since getting here is tricky. The forums are up mainly for the Flames of War players. If you hate Facebook and want me to change this policy let me know. The more people who bring it to my attention, the greater the chance I’ll make more of an effort to update this. As usual, any concerns you have are definitely worthy of my attention. Please talk to me. It’s because of you great customers that Game Vault has lasted more than 10 years!!!

Here is our FaceBook page. You don’t have to have an account to view the page.