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40K Tournament 02/18/12

For those of you who came to the store last Saturday the 18th you already know this. Parking was a bear and all play-space was packed. For those that didn’t come in: 40k IS BACK! We had 28 players for our first tournament in ages. Fortunately thanks to an organized and cool-headed Matt Craig the tournament ran smoothly with 3 looong rounds. The win was decided on Victory Points.

Congratulations to store new-comer, Eric Hoerger! The first time in the store and you schooled us…well it was close and several deserving people had 3 wins but still – your Necrons played very well. The Iron Fist League had a strong showing as always with their players Vaden Ball, Jeff Payne, and Mike Taylor taking 2nd-4th place respectively. IFL Player Kevin Bashford’s Necrons won top spot for peer-voted best paint job.

I have pictures of armies, terrain, and players. If you would like anything removed from our website please let me know and it’ll come down immediately. Thanks go to Jennifer Hoffstee for these amazing photos:

Saturday, Feb. 18th


I guess this isn’t a bad problem to have…unless you want to come in and sit down to play. There is no room! We have 28 players for our 40k tournament today. There is absolutely no room and we can’t make room anywhere for any more players in the store. Sorry. I’ll post when we have space. I expect that to be around 7 or 8 pm.