Monthly Archives: October 2012

Closed Monday, October 29th

Store closed Monday, October 29th. Call ahead on Tuesday to see if we re-opened on time.

Hurricane Sandy – We may be closed

With unpredictable weather and even more unpredictable power outages, I’m posting this now. We may or may not be closed during the hurricane. Please call ahead if there are strong winds and rain forecast in the area of the store. Each of my employees will make a judgement call each day and night of the store – and will hopefully listen to their loved ones – and not come in if driving will be dangerous. We may close early, we may close altogether on Tuesday and/or Wednesday. If you get no answer at the store during regular business hours we are closed. Not all of us will keep power so it may be impossible to update our website. Sorry for any inconvenience. Stay safe, warm and dry.


Magic Legacy

Announcing Tuesday Night Legacy and 10% Off Magic Singles all day every Tuesday!

That’s right, we’re trying to promote Legacy tournaments once again. This time we’ll combine regular Tuesday night tournaments with 10% off Magic Singles all day every Tuesday.

Tournaments start at 7pm. Prize support for now will be based on a percentage of the $5 entry fees. 1st Place gets 50% of all entry fees in store credit. 2nd Place gets 30% of all entry fees in store credit. 3rd Place gets 20% of all entry fees in store credit. Join us for cheap cards and games with your friends!

FNM – October 26th

Once again Wizards has limited their new release of Magic to the point of unavailability. Even Wizards couldn’t get Return to Ravnica to me this week. We will still host a draft tonight. With as much leniency as space and prize support allows (we will strive for 8 man pods) we will allow people to split into pods based on which set they want to draft from our in stock boosters. Sorry for the inconvenience – we have no boosters of Return to Ravnica. We should get 3 cases directly from Wizards on Tuesday or Wednesday and more from other vendors starting as early as Tuesday. We will also get 6 Fat Packs from Wizards of the Coast. If you didn’t get one before and want one please ask to have one reserved at the front desk.

Draft tonight – October 12th – 24 player limit

Wizards has done it again – sold out at all distributors and made it tough for us to have anything to sell to you let alone play. We reserved 3 boxes to play tonight but that limits us to just 24 players. This will be run on a first come, first serve basis. You may call to reserve your spot but you must be at the shop by 7pm to hold it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Swap Meet!!!

Want to get rid of your old army? Want a new one cheap? Join us for another swap meet on Saturday, October 13th officially starting at noon (10am for those eager enough to come in as soon as we open). Bring your old stuff and trade it with other gamers for store credit. Remember, no cash changes hands between anyone but store staff and you. You’re welcome to trade items for items with other customers but if you want to pay for something please come to the counter for store credit.