Monthly Archives: November 2012

Reaper Contest

Roleplayers: there is a very cool contest going on with Alliance Distributors and Reaper Miniatures. Check it out at Game Trade Magazine. It’s not a skilled contest since it’s drawn at random but the winner does submit a RPG character sheet, plus a brief description of their character to be turned into a real character in the Reaper line.

You need the store address and phone number to fill out the form:
6328 Five Mile Centre Park Set 414, Fredericksburg, VA 22407
540 785-4263

Black Friday/Weekend Sale

BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: 20% off all in-store items
Store Hours will be our regular schedule but the special will run ALL WEEKEND!!!
(Special applies to in-stock items only, however, we will extend an extra 5% off any other discounts that apply to any special ordered items that are PAID IN FULL this weekend 11/23-11/25)

Draft Limited to 24 Players Friday Nov. 4

Due to the amount of product on hand the draft is limited to 24 players tonight – Friday November 24, 2012. Please call Chris at 540-785-4263 if you would like to reserve a spot, and make sure you arrive before the draft to keep your spot.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Is your family far away? Did your wife/husband take the kids to visit the annoying in-laws? Join your Game Vault family for Thanksgiving Dinner. Bring something if you can but don’t feel obligated. Please let us know you’re coming but that’s also not required. We’ll have turkey, vegetables, potatoes, bread, cranberry sauce, and desserts. Call or post on our forums if you want come and let us know if you’re bringing something.

DO NOT come if it means abandoning your mother and making her cry. Real family first; gaming family second.

The store will be closed all day for Thanksgiving – but we will have the doors open from 1-6pm for those that want to join us for some food and gaming.

First-Ever X-Wing Miniatures Game Tournament

Our first ever tournament for the amazing new miniature game! Since this is our first time running this event we will start off small with 50pt star fighter fleets.

Cost:$5.00 to enter
Format:Swiss (rounds determined by number of players)
Prize Support: 1st Place 50% of entry fees, 2nd Place 30% of entry fees, 3rd Place 20% of entry fees. (All Prizes are in STORE CREDIT)

Vote & Get an Extra 5% Off Today!

Wear your “I Voted” sticker today to receive an extra 5% off! Please – DO NOT TELL US WHO YOU VOTED FOR. If you’re too young to vote then sorry, some things get better when you’re older.