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Warmachine League

Umbra – Warmachine League – February 25th-March 25th

Something bizarre is occurring across western Immoren. A new and unseen threat is on the rise—someone or something that will alter the wars of the Iron Kingdoms forever. The effects are being felt all across the land, whether it be the sudden disappearance of an entire village’s population, unnatural seismic catastrophes, or any number of other unexplainable phenomena.

Who or what is behind this? Gather your army and face your foes at the sites of these strange anomalies. The truth must be discovered.

Join us every Wednesday as our official Warmachine day or come in for chance (good chance) pick up games any day of the week. Ask for your patch at the front desk. We have enough for 16 players. Unfortunately first place does not get the Champion coin. We do have a nifty set of Privateer Press dice for them.

Demo Sunday!!

Date: Sunday, February 10th
Time: Noon – 7pm

Come in and learn a new game!! Join in ANYTIME!!
Pizza available (while supplies last) $1.00 a slice; Sodas and snacks available all day for a nominal fee.
EVENT SCHEDULE (subject to change)

12:00 Start Time

    Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Introductory Role-Playing Game:
    This is an introduction not only to the new Star Wars RPG system coming this spring, but also a general introduction to those new to RPG’s. The system teaches you the basics while you play in a step-by-step format. Only 4 seats available for this session so COME EARLY!!
    Venture Crew Presents: A Day of Board Gaming Goodness
    Members of Venture Crew 835, a local outdoor adventuring group for 14-20 year olds, will be demoing all sorts of GREAT board/card games. Participants in this event will receive 20% off the demoed game if they decide to purchase it!! (Subject to availability; additional product can be ordered on day of event and should arrive within 3-5 days. Product ordered on event day WILL still receive the 20% discount). A proceed of all purchases will be donated to Venture Crew 835 to help this wonderful organization with future events!!
    Games to be demoed include (but are not limited to):

      Once Upon a Time – a wonderful family game of fairy tale story telling with a twist!
      Betrayal at the House on the Hill – a semi-cooperative game where betrayal of a teammate is inevitable!
      Roborally – Race your completely confused robot thru a factory of tricks and traps!!
      Last Night on Earth – Zombies – lots of them – ’nuff said!

1:00 Start Time

    7 Wonders: You have to play this game to experience its awesomeness!!
    Roleplaying Round Table: Are you the family GM? Are you looking to share your campaign ideas or maybe get a few from others? Then sit in on this event to discuss what makes your campaigns work!!

4:00 Start Time

    FRAG (Steve Jackson Games): The first person shooter of video game fame has come to the tabletop. You and your ‘friends’ will shoot it out in a trap filled arena with all sorts of nasty guns and special weapons. Wrack up that kill count and emerge the VICTOR!!

40K Bonus Goodness

What happened to the 40K community? The players that come on alternating Thursdays for our designated 40K night are getting restless. Join them! Starting this month we will reward you for playing 40K on Thursday nights. Play in 3 out of the 4 Thursdays this month on between 5pm and midnight and get 30% off one box set of your choice. (Doesn’t even have to be 40K.) Please come to the counter to tell us you’re here to get credit for showing up. You must be here for at least two hours each Thursday to get credit for that night. Look for a tournament either in February or March.