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When: Sat, November 14, 11:30pm – Sun, November 15, 7:00am

Come & game with us. Nothing in particular, just join us for free food, board games, tabletop, Magic, etc. We’ll have a bit of stuff to give away. Come play.

HeroClix Con In Your Store Event Weekend August 30th-31st

If you play HeroClix or want to learn then this is the weekend to set aside to come to Game Vault! We have a ton of prize support and tournaments running all day both Saturday and Sunday. This is part of the exclusive Con In Your Store program WizKids is running, that means we have the exclusive prize support to go along with it. We’ll also have demo games available to new or novice players with free figures to go home with all demo game participants.

New/Novice Players: come in any time for a free demo game. Participate in a demo game and get a free 200-300 point team (1 per customer). You can also throw your name in a pot to receive one of our demo games, either the Man of Steel 2 Figure Mini Game, Lone Ranger 2 Figure Mini Game, or Iron Man 4 Figure Mini Game.

All players:
Gather 3 like-minded players and start a Battle Royale any time during the weekend. $12 per player per battle. Each participant opens a booster of their choice from our available inventory to use those figures for the game. When there is only one player left standing all figures from everyone’s boosters are put on the table. Figures are chosen based on a player’s placement in the tournament: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 1st, etc. 1st Place will get an additional LE or rare from our supply.

Saturday at Noon:
$25 – 2 booster Sealed Tournament – build your best 300 pt team using 2 Teen Titans boosters
1st Place: Batcave! (8 player minimum)
2nd-8th Place: LEs from our supply including CIYS LEs

Saturday at 5pm:
$25 – 2 booster Sealed Tournament – build your best 300 pt team using 2 boosters of your choosing from our available inventory
1st Place: Watchmen Collector’s Set (8 player minimum)
2nd-8th Place: LEs/Rares from our supply

Saturday 4-6pm is designated as trade hours. You’re welcome to trade amongst yourselves all weekend but we thought we’d set this time aside specifically so players know to come in with their trade stock for the best chance at meeting other traders. We’re sorry but the store is not interested in buying or trading HeroClix with any player.

Sunday at Noon:
$30 2 booster + 3 gravity feed Sealed Tournament – build your best 300 pt team using 2 Teen Titan boosters and a random assortment of 3 gravity feed boosters from our stock
1st Place: Factory set of Fear Itself! (8 player minimum)
2nd Place: brick of Fear Itself (8 player minimum)
3rd-8th Place: Les/Rares from our supply

HeroClix Fear Itself Month 6 Event

Date: Sunday, November 3rd at 12:30pm
Cost: $30
Format: 500 point, Sealed event utilizing one (1) Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself Booster pack, and one other (not Fear Itself) HeroClix Booster.

Resources and Relics from the Fear Itself Scenario Packs or any previous month’s Marvel HeroClix: Fear Itself events are allowed for use on a player’s force.

Iron Man 3 Heroclix Arrived Today!

Come and get them: we have the Movie Starter Set, Mini Game, and 24 Count Gravity Feeds to be bought by single figure or by display.

Teen Titans

Teen Titans

Get your preorders in, these are coming soon! These are out May 15th. Boosters are $11.99 (+ tax). A brick should be $100.72 (including tax). A case is $201.43 (including tax).

HeroClix No Man’s Land Month 5

No Man's LandDate and time: April 7th 12:30pm-4pm
Format: 500 pt DC Build from the last 3 DC Sets: Bat Man, Streets of Gotham & DC 10th Anniversary
Cost: $5.00
Prize support will come from the No Man’s Land OP Kit

Have your build ready to go when you get here. You may not win if you build your team after arriving.

Kids 12 and under play in their own tournament if there are 4 or more of them.

800 Point Constructed

HeroClix 800pt ConstructedDate and time: March 24th 12:30pm-4pm
Format: 800pts Golden Age – No Colossals, No Resource Dials
Cost: Free
Prize: Bragging rights