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Website hasn’t been updated in awhile

You may be wondering why our website hasn’t been updated in awhile…in a long, long while. Return on effort – I get about 2% of interest from the website followed by an even split between Facebook and word of mouth. I’m choosing to use my time where it makes the most difference. I keep the calendar updated here and the directions page is essential since getting here is tricky. The forums are up mainly for the Flames of War players. If you hate Facebook and want me to change this policy let me know. The more people who bring it to my attention, the greater the chance I’ll make more of an effort to update this. As usual, any concerns you have are definitely worthy of my attention. Please talk to me. It’s because of you great customers that Game Vault has lasted more than 10 years!!!

Here is our FaceBook page. You don’t have to have an account to view the page.

Enter 2006! We’ve Joined Twitter!!

Re-joined really. I decided to dust off my account and see if I can use it for good. Follow us at GameVaultVA for tournament updates, new releases, & announcements.

Warmachine/ Hordes 50pt Steamroller

When: Sat, January 31, 11am – 5pm

Cost: $10

1st- 50% of Tournament Entry Fees
2nd- 40% of Tournament Entry Fees
3rd- 30% of Tournament Entry Fees
Last Place: New Dice Cube!!

Rules will be Steamroller 2015, they are posted on Privateer Press’s website if you are unfamiliar with them.

New This Week 10/22/14:

Board Games: Holiday Fluxx, Power Grid Deluxe, and Lords of Xidit (Plus a store copy of Lords of Xidit, try it before you buy it.)

Heroclix: The Flash Gravity Feed

Privateer Press: Jaga Jaga The Death Charmer, Bradigus Thorle The Runecarver, Borka Vengeance of the Rimeshaws

Restocks: Loose dice, dice bags, Khador & Menoth models, and X-Wing

Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

When: Saturday, September 27, 11am – 6pm
Format: 2,000 pts.
Game 1: Battle Line
Game 2: Blood and Glory
Game 3: Meeting Engagement
We will be using all the special rules and victory conditions outlined in each scenario. Mysterious terrain will be used.
Cost: $10.00
1st Place: 50% of all entry fees in store credit
2nd Place: 30% of all entry fees in store credit
3rd Place: 20% of all entry fees in store credit
Last place: dice
There are no painting requirements.

Swap Meet Saturday, March 8th 10am-?

Join us Saturday for another amazing swap meet. I’m sure people will be busting down our doors at 10am. I make no guarantees for how long it will last but expect some excellent deals as long as it does. As usual, nothing illegal and no money can change hands. If you must buy something from someone please come to the counter for funny money/gift certificates. At the end of your sales bring all funny money to the counter for store credit. As usual, be fair and play nice. Thanks in advance for making these so successful.

We just culled our Board Game Library so we will have some used board games at a deep, deep discount. If you’re a board gamer you definitely don’t want to miss out on these.

Open Today! (Tuesday, March 4th)

We are open today and amazingly enough the parking lot is mostly plowed. The spots in front of the store are plowed but those across the parking lot are not. Please be safe on the roads and in parking lots. There is ice everywhere.

Closed Monday, March 3rd

Game Vault will be closed until Tuesday at noon. Stay safe everyone.

Closed Early Wednesday 02/12 / Closed Thursday 02/13

Wednesday, 02/12: If you haven’t noticed, it is snowing out. The store is closed. We will be closed tomorrow unless the icy roads miraculously disappear and I don’t have to worry about all of you flipping your cars on the way in. Be safe & stay warm.

50 Point Steamroller

Saturday, October 5th: Sign up at 11:30, dice roll at noon
50pt Standard Steamroller with Deathclocks, no painting restrictions
This will be an IFL Tournament with Steve Pokallus running it
Cost: $10
Details and questions here.